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Poison'd Crue is made up of 4 Pro Musicians who don't just play the music, they Live the Music 

 They are all about giving you "Nothing but a Good Time" at the show.  Taking you back to that decade of 80's Glam Rock​!  So come and catch a show so you can take a Ride on the "Wild Side" with us. These guys look forward to meeting you at the show!

On Vocals
Brent Rowader

7 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors

Photo by Donna Kaminski

His 15 years on Vocals has made him the Ultimate Front Man! The Peacock of Peacocks, he works the stage like he is on a Cat on a Walk and the crowds into a frenzy! Brent's Soulful Vocals and Great Looks makes the Music come alive and the Ladies swoon! He is dedicated of strutting stages and his pure ROCK attitude makes him a Fan favorite. He's rocked the stages before bands like Tesla, Warrant, Great White, and Firehouse. Brent uses a Sennheiser Wireless Mic and Ultimate Ears 7 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors and a custom Ultimate Support Mic Stand that Rocks this World!

On Guitar
TD Clark

Photo by Donna Kaminski

His stellar 25 year career has taken him across the States, Europe and Japan! He is a Guitarists Guitarist having just been tapped to be on Yngwie Malmsteens 2014 Summer Guitar Gods Tour by none other than the Master Himself! He has also supported such incredible National acts like Steve Vai, George Lynch, Great White, Ted Nugent, MSG to name a few! With his solo band he has made 5 Albums and has also made Music for ESPN's Sports Center. He is also endorsed by the following equipment companies; ESP Guitars, Cleartone Strings, Nady Wireless, Mesa Boogie amps, Conquest cables, EMG Pickups, Rocktron Products, Big Bends Nut sauce! A top notch Pro in every regard he sets the stages alight with his insane stage antics and incendiary guitar playing!

On Bass Guitar
Paul DeMarco

He drips with Bad Boy attitude and he works the crowd into a fenzy with just one Attitude laced stare! Prowling the stage like a caged animal, he locks the groove and gets the Party Started shaking with every note he pounds out on his Bass! He been on the Music scene for over 20 years and has been playing infront of National Acts Like Great White and Warrent to name a few.

Photo by Donna Kaminski

On Drums
Vince Consolo

He has been performing on drums for over the last 20 years Rocking the stages with his hard hits and cool personality. He's been performing with many national acts over his career.

Photo by Terry Murphy

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